Heidelcast 156: As It Was In The Days Of Noah (4)

If we are to understand how we’re to think about eschatology, about end times, about the relations between heaven and earth, and about life between the ascension of Christ and his return, we have to get to grips with our Lord’s Olivet discourse in Matthew 24 and its background in Daniel 9 so that is just what we do in this episode, we work through Matthew 24 and the vision of the 70 weeks in Daniel 9. When we read Scripture in the light of Scripture, the way our Lord and the Apostles teach us to read Scripture (as distinct from imitating the Pharisees or nineteenth-century critics) is rather different from what is typically found in these passages by premillennial Dispensationalists. It is also rather different from what is found by the so-called “full preterists,” i.e., those who hold that Jesus returned in AD 70, a heresy condemned by the Apostle Paul and the ecumenical church. What we find is that both Daniel 9 and our Lord in the Olivet Discourse make use of various features of prophetic discourse and, once we understand the genres in which these passages are to be understood, they become clearer. The point of both passages is not to provide secrets to be unlocked by experts using quasi-Gnostic techniques nor by hucksters selling secret knowledge. Rather, the point of these passages is to encourage the church during the period between the ascension and the return of Christ to remain faithful, knowing that the Lord of the covenant has not forgotten his promise or his people.

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  1. Thank you for reading through and presenting Mark 24 and Dan 9. I had not realized how confused I have been about the meaning of these Scriptures.
    If being left is to be like Christ because we will see Him as He is, what is the meaning of Mark 24:31?

    Thank you

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