Heidelcast 154: As It Was In The Days Of Noah (2)

We begin this episode with a classic public service announcement by Vincent Price from 1950, warning about the dangers of bigotry and prejudice in American life. You shall have to hear it for yourself. It is apropos of our renewed social concern for justice and equity for all people and especially for those who have been treated unequally in American life. The riots that have followed the recent protests, however, have revealed to the broader American public the existence of some violent, communist-anarchist movements that are driven by an eschatology of an earthly utopia. Such eschatologies are always popular because they are not brought about by direct divine action, as the Kingdom of God, but by human engineering. In the case of the Marxist-Leninist view of the future, the utopia is to be brought about by class consciousness and class warfare. There are Christian eschatologies that also offer an earthly utopia but this episode argues these are also seriously misguided. The biblical eschatology is oriented around Christ, not an earthly golden age. All this means that eschatology matters. So, in these first episodes we’re setting the table for our exploration of 1 and 2 Peter on eschatology, last things, on the new heavens and the new earth.

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