Recovering Mother Kirk

The Heidelcast

Before there was Recovering the Reformed Confession, there was Recovering Mother Kirk a seminal book for all Reformed confessionalists who are looking for a way between revivalism and fundamentalism or between QIRC and QIRE. Darryl Hart published Recovering Mother Kirk just over . . . Continue reading →

Does God Change? (2)


In Part 1 we sketched briefly the sorts of biblical texts that have undergirded the historic Christian and Reformed doctrine that God is immutable, i.e., that he does not change. The early Fathers articulated Christian theology, i.e., their understanding of the teaching . . . Continue reading →

Does God Change? (1)


In Reformed theology, the doctrine of God is at the headwaters. What we say about God touches every locus of theology. It shapes our theology, piety, and practice. When we say that humans are created in the image of God, we cannot . . . Continue reading →

Helm Critiques Frame’s Perspectival Theism


In The Doctrine of God (2002) we find Frame discussing God’s relationship to time and space. (The sections are reproduced almost verbatim in Frame’s recently published doorstopper, his one volume Systematic Theology. (On God and time compare pages 557f. of The Doctrine . . . Continue reading →