God’s Eternally And Only Begotten Son And His Adopted Sons (4)


In some quarters of the patristic church and widely in the medieval church the line between God as the Creator and humans as the created became blurred. One of the more important but often overlooked accomplishments of the Reformation was to recover . . . Continue reading →

Why Millennials Have Trust Issues

The answer to why high numbers of Millennials don’t trust other people lies in understanding the nature of trust itself and the social context in which Millennials find themselves. To trust someone, you need to share common bonds of affection, values, and . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast: The Psalms In Worship And Living


What worship is and how it should be done is one of the most difficult questions with which confessional Reformed and Presbyterian churches are presently faced. Few things will cause trouble in a congregation more quickly than making changes in a worship . . . Continue reading →

The Twofold Government And Citizenship

Cal State Has Crossed A Line


In (1559) Institutes 3.19.15 Calvin wrote that God has instituted a “twofold government in man” (duplex esse in homine regimen). This truth means that we have a legitimate interest in both sacred and secular spheres. By distinguishing between sacred and secular spheres . . . Continue reading →

Discomfort As Ground For Silencing Dissent

When you invite very conservative speakers here who perhaps have controversial views on Islam or homosexuality, you essentially make Yale a very uncomfortable place for a large percentage of the people here on campus, and everyone should feel at home at college…. . . . Continue reading →

The Cruelty Of Political Correctness

Even though reports were reaching social workers of the crimes in Rotherham as far back as the 1990s, nothing of consequence was done for more than a decade. The police were pigheaded and clueless, and the fear of being called “racist” paralyzed . . . Continue reading →

Mr Murray Distinguishes Law And Gospel

Recognition of this datum of awful sanctity, and republication of it with conviction and authority is the only path of repentance and restoration. As we recognize the awful sanctity that surrounds the law, we shall certainly be crushed with a sense of . . . Continue reading →

God’s Eternally And Only Begotten Son And His Adopted Sons (3)

Francis Turretin

We are considering how we understand the language of the Apostles’ Creed, when we say, “only begotten Son” and how we explain it in our catechism. In Question 33 we say: 33. Why is He called God’s “only begotten Son,” since we . . . Continue reading →