What needs to be very clear is that the current by-laws of Mars Hill Church do not give the elders the authority to examine these charges. The Board of Advisors and Accountability is in charge of convening a group of overseers to . . . Continue reading →

He Is The Savior And We Are The Saved (8)


In this series we’ve been working through Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 12 (Q/A 31 and 32) and its fundamental distinction between the believer and the Savior. We have noted some ways that evangelicals have blurred the line between Christ and Christian but . . . Continue reading →

Catastrophically Stupid

The catastrophically stupid assumption in Boyle’s op-ed is that recognizing acts as evil and trying to understand them are incompatible.   —Alan Jacobs.

Seven Short Points About Republication

Witsius On Republication

The (re)republication of a book on the question of the republication of the covenant of works under Moses has hit the Reformed interwebs. Follow the link above for quotes from Reformed sources, audio, and posts explaining the history, the current controversy, and . . . Continue reading →

The Wild Card

Race is the wild card in all this. The idea that you can tell who is innocent and who is guilty by the color of their skin is a notion that was tried out for generations, back in the days of the . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast: Nomism And Antinomianism (11)


Last time we considered what some folk mean by the expression “the law of Christ” and, in contrast, what the Bible means by it. It’s neither a new covenant of works, as if we could obey our way into acceptance with God . . . Continue reading →

He Is The Savior And We Are The Saved (7)


In part 6 we began to look at the way the we apply Christ’s threefold office (triplex munus) to the Christian.  Scripture teaches and we confess that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, has three offices: prophets, priest, and king. In Heidelberg Catechism 32 we say: 32. . . . Continue reading →

1920s Arguments Over Absolution In The CRC

The criticism of Classis Illinois was levelled especially against that part of our proposed Order of Worship which we called “The Service of Reconciliation,” more particularly against the elements of Confession of Sin and Absolution which we sought to combine organically with . . . Continue reading →

He Is The Savior And We Are The Saved (6)


In part 5 we began looking at Heidelberg Catechism 32, which distinguishes between the Savior (Jesus) and the saved (Christians) and applies to believers the three offices of Christ: prophet, priest, and king. By virtue of our Spirit-wrought union with Christ, through . . . Continue reading →