Now In English: Junius On True Theology

A Treatise on True Theology

Lambert Daneau (1530–95) described Franciscus Junius as “a man of singular learning”—and that he was. His biblical scholarship was cited widely by writers from a variety of traditions in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. His influence on the Reformed tradition has been . . . Continue reading →

Circumstances And Indifferent Until We Say No

THAT OUR OPPOSITES DO URGE THE CEREMONIES AS THINGS NECESSARY. This I prove, 1. from their practice. 2. from their pleading. In their practice, who sees not, that they would tie the people of God to a necessity of submitting their necks . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast: God’s Holy Law (1)


With this episode we begin a new series: God’s Holy Law. In this episode we consider what the law is, how the moral law is distinguished from the civil and ceremonial aspects of the law, the universality of the law, its expression . . . Continue reading →

Free Reformation Conference In Santee November 1, 2014

Martin Luther

It’s Autumn and that means it’s Reformation season in Reformed congregations all across North America. Christ United Reformed Church, Santee, California is holding a free, one-day Reformation conference on Saturday November 1, 2014 featuring Mike Horton on “Scripture Alone” (sola scriptura), Bob . . . Continue reading →

There Is No Worship That Is Accidental

20. That is a most empty distinction which some people make to excuse their additions to worship: “Only corrupting and not conserving additions are forbidden.” For every addition as well as every subtraction is a departure from the observance and keeping of . . . Continue reading →

Of The Virgin Mary


Reformed Christians are understandably ambivalent about the Virgin Mary. On the one hand she was truly blessed. God graciously ordained that she should bear in her womb God the Son, that she would be what the Definition of Chalcedon (451) called the . . . Continue reading →