Renée of France

A Study in the Difficulty of Reformation

UPDATE January 30, 2013: This volume is now available at Amazon. It is tempting sometimes to think of the Reformation as a magical event. Luther re-discovered glorious truths and all of Europe swooned. Of course that’s not what happened. There was resistance . . . Continue reading →

New: Anselm Of Canterbury For Children

Too often modern evangelicals, especially since the middle of the 19th century, have tended to view the medieval church not so much as part of the great stream of the history of the church but as an exception. Evangelicals may know the . . . Continue reading →

Dangerous Compromises: Reflections On The Life of Renée of France

Guest post by Simonetta Carr, author of Renée of France. Simonetta is a author, translator, and Italian Instructor. She has published several books for children. You can contact her on Twitter. For an introduction to Nicodemism see these posts. § When Evangelical . . . Continue reading →

New: Peter Martyr Vermigli For Children

In our age of screens (phones, tablets, computers, watches etc) it is counter-intuitive but nonetheless true to say that books are more important than they have been for a long time. They are more important precisely because our culture is drifting away . . . Continue reading →