Happy Birthday St Augustine

Today is St Augustine’s birthday (354 AD). In that connection I should mention the upcoming publication of Simonetta Carr’s biography of Augustine for children. Few figures in Western history are as important as Augustine. He is one of the early church fathers to whom the Reformers rightly looked as an inspiration for their theology and piety in many respects but he is more than that. He is an old and dear friend. Simonetta Carr has produced a clear, readable introduction to the life and work of this great Christian and our old friend.

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  1. We’ve been looking forward to this one. Our kids have enjoyed Simonetta Carr’s first entry in this series on John Calvin!

  2. My pleasure. I’ve got your back. If I was as prolific as you, I would constantly be making typo’s. Thank you for your ministry. It’s a huge blessing!

  3. Thanks for the reminder of his birthday. Providentially, I’m just about to start re-reading Henry Chadwick’s (1920-2008) 1991 translation of Augustine’s “Confessions” (available as an Oxford World’s Classics paperback since 1992) and reading, for the first time, John Burnaby’s (1892-1978) book “Amor Dei: A Study of the Religion of St. Augustine” (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1938) which Chadwick calls “the greatest of intellectual biographies.” This book consists of Burnaby’s Hulsean Lectures for 1938. I’m hoping it’s good stuff. I know Augustine himself will be.

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