Perkins: God Is In Perpetual Action

Hitherto we have spoken of the perfection of Gods nature: Now followeth the life of GOD, by which the Divine Nature is in perpetual action, living, and moving in it self. Psal. 42. 2. My soule thirsteth for God, even for the . . . Continue reading →

Function And Subsistence Are Distinct Categories

Both the unity of the divine essence and the distinction of the persons within that essence are matters of ontology, of the divine being. Some, like Wollebius, define the divine persons as “the essence of God, with a certain manner of subsisting” . . . Continue reading →

Canons Of Dort (9): The God Who Elects Unconditionally Does Not Change

One of the most remarkable developments in late modern evangelical theology was the rise of the so-called doctrine of “Open Theism.” This doctrine holds that the future is genuinely unknown to God. It is “open” to him and he to it. According . . . Continue reading →