Heidelcast 133: I Am That I Am (10): The Attributes Of God

In this episode we continue our consideration of the divine attributes, particularly divine immensity and immutablity. By immensity we mean that attribute whereby God fills all that can be filled with all of himself all of the time, yet so that the Creator and the creature remain distinct. Immensity means that there is nowhere we can go to escape from God. A person is either in favor with God by God’s free favor alone, through faith in Christ alone, or a person is under wrath. Today I am about two-thirds of the way through the rough cut of the next release in the American Gospel film series. It focuses on the doctrine of God I am impressed again by how important it is to get our doctrine of God right because it touches everything in our theology, piety, and practice. It also shows how deeply influenced has been the late modern evangelical church has by some of the ancient heresies in church and old-fashioned theological liberalism. Just as soon as Christians lose the doctrine of God they ditch the Christian doctrine of the atonement, the doctrine that Christ is the only Savior, and even the biblical and Christian doctrine of hell.

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