Heidelcast 150: I AM That I AM (16): The Divine Decree


Congratulations to the Rev Mr Keith Giles of Belfast, NI, Rev. Mr. Richie Cronin of Cork, ROI, Miriam from Lancaster, PA, and Randy Bachman from Houston, TX. Their calls were featured episode 149 and for appearing on the Heidelcast they are each receiving a free copy of Baptism, Election, and the Covenant of Grace in the mail from the Heidelcast. Leave your question at (760) 618-1563 or send us a voice memo from your phone for our May call-in show. This is the 16th and last episode of the series on the doctrine of God, I AM that I AM and today we come to the biblical, Christian, and confessional Reformed doctrine of the divine decree. Earlier today, the Rev Dr Liam Golligher, Senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church, PCA, in Phila, PA wrote: Continue reading →