Harry Potter and the Allure of a Magical World

My gracious and lovely youngest daughter endured the natural discomfort of being seen in public with her father long enough to see the latest Harry Potter movie. it was an enchanting move (pun intended). This episode, like all of them, is shot-through . . . Continue reading →

Calvin On The Covenant Of Works

Because what God so severely punished must have been no light sin but a detestable crime, we must consider what species of sin (peccati) there was in Adam’s fall that kindled God’s horrible vengeance against the whole human race. To regard Adam’s . . . Continue reading →

1689 Vs. The Westminster Confession (7): On The Fall, The Covenant Of Works, And The Covenant Of Grace

Our comparison and contrast of the WCF with the 2LC continues through chapters 6 and 7, “Of the Fall of Man, of Sin, and of the Punishment thereof” and “Of God’s Covenant with Man.” WCF 6.1 2LC 6.1 1. Our first parents, being seduced . . . Continue reading →