How To Choose A Church

Most of us at some point shall have to choose a church. Are they all the same? No. How on earth does one? On what basis? In my experience people use a variety of criteria, not all of them good. Families choose congregations . . . Continue reading →

How To Choose A Church (2)

Families move. That means new schools, a new neighborhood, and a new church. How to choose a new congregation? People use a variety of criteria but are they good, biblical, true criteria? Here’s part two of the discussion with Chris Gordon, co-pastor at Escondido . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 95: Reformation Happens


As you read this the churches, the theology, piety, and practice represented by confessionally Reformed and Presbyterian Churches is almost statistically invisible. Of the 60 million evangelicals in North America only a tiny fraction actually identify with the confessional Reformed and Presbyterian churches . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 98: Salvation, Good Works, And Conditions


We in the Reformed world are in the midst of another controversy over sanctification, salvation, good works, and conditions in the covenant of grace. Are we justified by grace alone through faith alone but saved by grace, through faith and works? Is . . . Continue reading →

The Word Of Salvation Versus Moralism

The reason there was so much opposition to Jesus’ ministry is because his gospel got to the heart of matters. He wasn’t giving dry, muddled expositions. His goal wasn’t the dissemination of information, or simply create controversies about how to correct human . . . Continue reading →

The Burning Of The Wooden Shoes (Update)

The most disturbing part is that many seem completely oblivious to the shifts. Among a new generation of Reformed pastors and churchgoers, there seems to be little awareness that the project they are pursuing, and the shifts they are pushing, have already . . . Continue reading →

Audio: With Chris Gordon And AGR On Replacement Theology

Covenant theology is unknown to most American evangelical Christians. Others, however, are regularly warned (usually by Dispensational pastors and teachers) about the dangers of “replacement theology.” They allege that the Reformed churches teach that the church has “replaced” Israel in God’s plan. . . . Continue reading →

One Practical Benefit Of Remembering The Synod Of Dort

Eight years ago my colleague at Abounding Grace Radio, Chris Gordon, wrote some important essays calling attention to the parallels between contemporary Federal Vision movement and the Arminian movement at the Synod of Dort. He was quite right to do so. Following . . . Continue reading →

Is Your Pastor A Sex Therapist?

If you want to build an audience, talk relationships. It really works. Spiritual gurus have built their empires addressing the subject. After all, who doesn’t need help to improve their marriage? Talking relationship is the most relevant subject anyone could address. I . . . Continue reading →

AGR On Romans: The Power Of God For Salvation (13)

Romans is one of the greatest resources available to the Christian faith and life. Written in the mid-to late AD 50s to the congregation in Rome, Paul sent this pastoral letter to make clear the gospel, that salvation is from the Lord, . . . Continue reading →

What The Gay Pride Movement Should Know About God’s Rainbow

Within the last twenty four hours, the rainbow has appeared everywhere. I’ve seen pictures of the White House painted with the colors of a rainbow. Silicon Valley companies are implementing all sorts of creative ways to use the rainbow as a sign of victory for the decision. Facebook has declared a celebration allowing members to add a rainbow filter to their profile picture to make clear those who support the decision. Twitter has added a rainbow heart icon with the hash tag: Love wins. From Google to Starbucks to AT&T, the rainbow has become the new flag for America, from sea to shining sea, America is now draped with the rainbow. Continue reading →