Office Hours: Student To Pastor To Pastor-Teacher

Office HoursOffice Hours usually focuses on the process, i.e., on what the faculty says to the students and to others about what scripture says and what it means. That is as it should be because that is what we do at Westminster Seminary California. Sometimes, however, it is good to step back and to look at the outcome. What happens to our students? Where do they go? How does the Lord use them? One of those students turned graduate is the Rev. Chris Gordon, preaching pastor at the Escondido United Reformed Church and host of Abounding Grace Radio (AGR). You can find him on the air in San Diego, in the Pacific Northwest, in Alberta, Canada, in Fresno, California, in Grand Rapids, Michigan and online at AGR. Before coming to seminary, Chris taught in a Christian school in the California central valley. He graduated from WSC in 2004 and served as the pastor of the Lynden United Reformed Church, in Lynden, Washington. This past semester, however, Chris’ ministry came full cycle as he filled in for Dennis Johnson by teaching one of our courses on preaching. He joined us for this episode to talk about his journey and what he’s learned as a student, a pastor, and now a teacher of preachers.

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