Calvin Birthday 2016: Resources For Understanding Calvin

John Calvin was born on this date, 10 July 1509. He died in 1564. He was author of many volumes (including a massive Bible commentary, hundreds of personal letters, and public treatises), most famous of which is his Institutes of the Christian Religion, the final Latin edition of which appeared in 1559. Below are some resources to get you started in your study of Calvin.

  1. W. Robert Godfrey, John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor.
  2. T. H. L. Parker, John Calvin: A Biography
  3. Bruce Gordon, Calvin
  4. W. DeGreef, The Writings of John Calvin (expanded)
  5. Richard Muller, The Unaccommodated Calvin
  6. More Than The Institutes
  7. Roman Catholic Scholar Converts To Evangelical Cause
  8. (Video) Who Are The Reformers? John Calvin
  9. The Biography Channel Is Wrong About Calvin
  10. Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion (Battles edition, 2 vols).
  11. (Audio) Office Hours With Scott Manetsch On Calvin And Reformed Ministry In Geneva
  12. (Audio) Office Hours With Mike Horton: Calvin On The Christian Life
  13. There Is More To Calvin Than The Institutes And More To Being Reformed Than Calvin
  14. Calvin As Theologian Of Comfort
  15. Calvin’s Short Treatise On The Lord’s Supper (1541)
  16. Notes On Calvin’s Doctrine That Justification Sola Fide Is the “Principal Axis” Of The Christian Religion
  17. Scott Manetsch On Calvin’s Context And Ours
  18. Was Calvin A Homosexual Convict?
  19. Godfrey: Calvin On The Eucharist
  20. Of Calvin And Genevan Dogs
  21. The Calvin As Tyrant Meme
  22. Does Calvinism Lead To Domestic Violence?
  23. Muller On Calvin And the Reformed Tradition
  24. The New Perspective On Calvin
  25. Molly Worthen On Driscoll And Calvin
  26. Calvin To The Evangelical Nicodemites
  27. More HB Resources On Calvin

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  1. Thank you very much for this wealth of resources. Can’t wait to begin with those I haven’t seen yet.

  2. If you’re suggesting that we dig him up to give him the bumps, I’m afraid that will have to wait until next year.

    • Shades of Andersen’s Tinder Box (just to show how scriptural one can be)! I’m afraid it’ll be necessary to dig up the entire Cimetière, barring the marked graves identified as housing others, and give them ALL the bumps.

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