“At Least He Gets Jesus”

Questions About N T Wright

Or maybe not. For years people have said to me, “Well, Wright isn’t very good on justification but he’s solid on the resurrection and the deity of Christ.” The implication of this argument is that Wright is a well-placed, influential member of . . . Continue reading →

Maybe Darryl Had A Point? Driscoll v. Catholic Creeds

I don’t know why people are not debating whether Driscoll should even be writing books. —Darryl Hart, “Tribalists All” Second, the Apostles’ Creed [sic] defines the Son as “begotten, not made.” The point was that something begotten was of the same substance . . . Continue reading →

One God, Three Persons. Full Stop.

The biblical, catholic, Christian doctrine of the Trinity is startlingly brief: God is one in three persons. Yet, the moment we pronounce that little formula, we’ve stepped off the pavement and into deep waters. To those outside the faith, our claim that . . . Continue reading →