Heidelminicast Q&A: What Do Sacraments Actually Do?

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  1. So appreciative of Dr. Clark defining the word “interest” from WCF 27.1 at the seven minute mark. I wish he and other teachers would do a lot more of this. At the ten minute mark he focuses on the word “exhibited” but does not give us a modern synonym. I’ve only ever heard the word “exhibit” and it’s always in association with a museum or art gallery. So I assume exhibit means displayed but I could be making the wrong association. Again, at the eighteen minute and fifty second mark, Dr. Clark provides a synonym for the archaic word “contemn” in WCF 28.5. saying he understand it to mean condemn.This is so helpful!

    There are so many words and phrases in the Reformed Confessions that are difficult for the modern reader to understand. I wish he would have explained exactly what sacraments being a “seal” means. What would be the best modern synonym for the sacrament as seal? What contemporary analogies are there to explain the sacrament as seal? I also wish he would have explained what the words “of age” mean in WCF 28.6.

    There are so many of these unclear words or phrases in the Reformed Confessions and their is no definitive list of definitions (that I am aware) to turn to.


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