Heidelminicast Q&A: Genesis 12:3 And Israel

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  1. I’m sorry to belabour this point once again, but the church is not the new Israel. Romans 11 makes that clear. Gentiles, or the church, have been ingrafted into the original vine. Not better, but distinct. I believe ingrafting is the key here.

    • JP,

      In a sense, you are correct in as much as Israel was the church and now the church is made up of believing Jew and Gentiles. The Greek translation of the Old Testament (LXX) uses the Greek word for church (Ekklesia) to translate the Hebrew word for covenant assembly (Qahal).

      So, there is no replacement.

      • Another incredibly important biblical fact is that the New Covenant is made with Israel and Judah (Jeremiah 31) and us gentiles are ingrafted into the covenant community as the barrier between us has been broken down in Christ’s flesh (Ephesians 2). One people, one church. Once I came to Reformed covenant theology, it all came together like a beautiful song. Every note and verse working out the harmonious flow of redemptive history.


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