Heidelminicast: It’s A Q&A Emergency On The Sacred/Secular Distinction & Much More

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  1. Dr. Clark (or anyone else who cares),

    I could be off the mark here. But I think people are afraid of the term “secular” because it is synonymous in speech with “secularism.” Words have seemed to change. For example, “gay” doesn’t mean what it meant 100 years ago. If I said, “I feel gay this morning” no one would think I mean to say I’m happy.

    You touched on it a bit, but perhaps a better phrase is a “sacred/common” distinction. That way it doesn’t invoke the same response. Maybe that does not provide the same clarity as “sacred/secular.” Or perhaps “sacred/common” invokes the medieval idea of 2 classes of Christians. Thoughts?

    God bless.

  2. In our congregation, an elder will go to shut-ins accompanied by a few others in the congregation, and they will follow the live stream, which includes communion, the sermon, and singing, basically the whole service. They would partake of communion at home with the elder and a few other congregants.


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