Heidelminicast Q&A: A Call On The Federal Vision And A Question On Church Polity

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One comment

  1. Like Nate, I am very grateful for your clear, concise rebuttal of the Federal Vision. Unlike Nate, I was a part of two churches torn apart by the Federal Vision. Both have since left the denomination they were a part of at the time.

    The first was also my first experience with Presbyterianism, as I had only recently moved away from my Baptistic roots. I was still wrapping my head around the joys of the doctrines of grace and didn’t understand what the Federal Vision was all about. The Session did little to nothing to address the issue as a Ruling Elder began teaching blatant FV doctrine using Leithart and Schlissel. I was, unfortunately, in his study group and started down the FV road. However, by the grace of God, I sensed that something wasn’t right and left the group. Shortly thereafter, the elder in question became Eastern Orthodox and the church ended up splitting and my family ended up in another church of that denomination.

    At that point, I began studying the FV with an eye toward refuting it, and the church we were in was very supportive. However, one of our sister churches which our family had attended multiple times, split a year or so later due to the same FV issues. It was also around that time that the FV finally caught the attention of Presbytery and later the General Assembly, but it still took a couple of years before anything was truly done to address it.

    While I weep for the families and churches that were harmed by the noxious weed of FV theology, I marvel at the grace of God in keeping me out of it and allowing me to see the true realities of sola gratia, sola fide. While I know that the “H” word is not one to be thrown about lightly, I believe, perhaps because of my personal experiences, the FV is just that and churches, sessions, synods, and assemblies need to be bolder in condemning it without qualification lest more of our less discerning brothers and sisters take that desolate road to Constantinople, Rome, or, God forbid, perdition itself.


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