Heidelminicast Q&A: On Taking Back The Mainline, Which Translation Of The Three Forms, and What About A New Reformed Confession?

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  1. Interesting commentary on the question about “taking back” the mainline denominations. One point made was that the old liberal membership, clergy, and presumably some sort of vertical staff, be they bishops or others, are “sitting on a ton of money” and therefore unconcerned about declining membership. In fact I’m seeing the closure and sale of several mainline UMC churches in the area and the residual membership combined into existing congregations. Maybe the “old guard” can hold out until the bitter end like this, but it seems to me like a zero sum game at best. To whom do the assets finally go if the decline, either through attrition (deaths), disinterest, or distain (for anything religious)?

    It would be interesting to sit down with a reasonable, honest sociologist to find out what they think about this situation. If the mainlines are all about social justice, a “social gospel,” equality across races, gender preferences, feeding the poor and homeless, etc., can a non-religious public entity accomplish the same things? Absolutely! Can a public organization provide the means to reach the lost with the truths of the Gospel? Certainly not! None this makes any kind of sense.


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