Heidelcast For May 14, 2023: Q&A: Can Baptists Be Reformed? On Confirmation, Sanctification and the Fear of God, the Nature/Grace Distinction

In this episode Dr Clark interrupts the Romans series to take calls and answer questions on whether Baptists can be Reformed, on the history of confirmation, on growing in sanctification and the filial fear of the Lord after a period of sin, and the nature/grace distinction. The opening audio features Vic Mats and Mary Katherine Ham.

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The HRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


  1. It’s clear that Baptists are not Reformed. Can they reject their Baptist roots and embrace the Reformed faith fully? I suppose anything is possible but I haven’t seen much evidence to support it. What I more commonly see is an embrace of some of the petals of the Tulip but not much more. However they do insist on the name Reformed Baptist.

  2. The problem with the Baptist laity is that I’m not convinced they really understand the scope of Reformed theology. For those that I have encountered in my church, if they give assent to the five points then they believe their Reformed credentials should be confirmed. Press them on infant baptism and I have often gotten a different story. They point to John MacArthur and say he is a credo-Baptist and he’s Reformed (who could dispute that?).

  3. I always thought that Reformed was part of a Baptist confession and life, did not think there was a difference.
    As for infant baptism, I believe it is was not to mean in this baptism that they are saved but more of an offering of dedication to God.

    • Michael,

      There are significant differences between the Reformed & the Baptists:

      1) the way we read the Bible;
      2) the way we understand the church;
      3) the way we understand eschatology (heaven & earth)

      Baptism is more than dedicating infants. It’s a sign & seal of God’s promise to his people.

      here are some resources:



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