Heidelcast 184: What Must A Christian Believe? (2)—“Credo”

This is episode 2 in the series, What Must A Christian Believe? If you are just joining the series, you can find all the episodes in the show notes for this episode in the show notes below. Last time we considered the role of creeds in the Christian faith. We saw that they occur in Scripture and that almost immediately after the close of the canon of Scripture, the church began to confess the faith. We saw the beginnings of what some of the earliest fathers called “the Rule of Faith” in Ignatius of Antioch very early in the 2nd century and in Irenaeus in the later 2nd century. The Rule of Faith (regula fidei) became the Apostles’ Creed. In this episode we consider what it means to say, “I believe” The first word in the Apostles’ Creed is credo, “I believe.” What does it mean to say, “I believe”? After all people use the word “to believe” in some pretty bizarre ways. They say, “I believe that the earth is flat” or “the moon is made of green cheese” or lately, “I believe in science,” as if we put blind faith in some mystery called “science.” Before we can talk about what we believe we must think a bit about what it means to say, “credo,” I believe.



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Show Notes

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  1. Is sola fide implicit in the rule of faith, because the rule does state what must be believed and does not state what must be done?

    Can you point us to a good summary of early church fathers articulating the concept of sola fide (even though they don’t use reformation terminology)?

    Thanks for your podcast!

  2. Dr Clark,
    An encouraging podcast ss I reaquaint with sola fide, for which I thank you.
    Are transcripts of your heidelcasts available? The written word is easier for me to absorb.

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