Heidelcast 46: Conditions And The Covenant Of Grace (Pt 1)

In Reformed theology we speak of three covenants, the pre-temporal covenant of redemption, the covenant of works, and the covenant of grace. In the covenant of redemption there are two aspects, works for the Son and grace for the elect. The Son was placed under and voluntarily accepted conditions that he had to meet, for us. The benefits he earned for us, in fulfillment of the covenant of redemption come to us graciously, freely, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Both aspects of the covenant of redemption are reflected in the history of salvation, in the covenants of works and grace. In this episode we look at the difference between the covenants of works and grace, where and how conditions do and do not operate in the covenant of grace.

Here is episode 46:

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  1. Twisse… The Reformation stands or falls on the understanding of the distinction between the principle of works and of grace.

    Bob Newhart! Cracking me up. I’ve used that same clip. Excellent choice…

    Paraphrased excerpt:
    “What makes faith powerful is not faith, but the object of faith, who is Christ… Faith of itself is an empty hand. It’s Christ and his righteousness that makes faith powerful… And then the third use of the law… to point us back to Christ and also to prod us by God’s Spirit, so that we seek to bring our lives into conformity to his moral law, not as a condition to enter the covenant of grace, i.e. “do this and live”, but as a grateful response.”


    By the way, love the hard rock intro. As you know I’m not a hard rock kind of musician. But I do have one for your late night listening pleasure/amusement-

    Have you considered making this series available in print? A book… for sale or gratis… or as a “Chick tract” thing that I’d hand out for you on street corners? ;-)[young’uns are wondering, “Chick what?”]

    Our church is deep into the study of WCF, thus the covenants; I consider this a big help. I’ve passed it along to the appropriate authorities!

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