Heidelcast 24: Give It A Rest—What Christians Can Learn From Chick-Fil-A

Your Creator wants you to take a break. I’m a Chick-Fil-A fan. Love the peach shakes. It’s one of the few places in this area where I can find real sweet tea. There’s another reason to like Chick-Fil-A. They love their employees enough to give them a break. If, after reading this post today (Sunday, June 2, 2013), after church, you drive over to your nearby CFA, you’ll be disappointed. It’s closed. If, however, you’re Reformed and you believe that the 4th commandment is still part of God’s abiding moral law, then you should be encouraged! CFA is closed. In a go-go, 24/7 world of endless commerce and consumption, that closed CFA restaurant is a quiet witness that there is a fixed moral order in the universe. Here’s the episode:

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  1. CFA restaurant is a quiet witness that there is a fixed moral order in the universe

    They weren’t such a quiet witness on the homosexuality thing recently…

  2. We are glad that there are two retail establishments that exist that our children could work for since they would not have to worry about working on Sunday. There are so few that I could encourage my children to apply for work. Of course, there are many that give CFA and Hobby Lobby grief for it.

  3. Don’t know what happened around the rest of the country, but in these parts when their regular customers decided to stage a “loyalty day” and buy a meal in support of their stance on gay hiring, the lines were so long, around the corner, and down the street, that took an hour or more to get served.

    Meanwhile, the “protests” against them seemed more like a fizzle than anything else with the activists tossing “we’ll be back in numbers” over their shoulders as they went sulking away.

    It puzzles me how there seems to be a majority against immorality when the spotlight gets thrown on a particular issue, but when it comes to elections, not so much. I guess folks can’t make the transition from one to the other.

  4. Chik-Fil-A does great business around here as well. My wife and I seem to find our way in there on Saturday evenings. Consciously chosen, but good food to boot.

    Hobby Lobby is another business that proudly proclaims their “Closed Sunday” policy.

    Any of you photographers out there already know the big NY city camera stores are closed Friday at 6pm until Saturday 6pm, a policy I remember from back in the 60’s. Now THAT is a consistent witness that few Christian businesses can match.

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