What is Definitive Sanctification and is It Reformed?

Nick wrote under another post to ask about this doctrine. I first learned about the doctrine of definitive sanctification from Bob Strimple’s lectures on it in the early-mid 1980s in seminary and then from two short essays by the late John Murray. . . . Continue reading →

Olevianus on Two Kinds of Holiness

As mentioned earlier in this space the older Reformed writers had a doctrine of forensic holiness or sanctification but rather than connecting it with union with Christ considered logically prior regeneration and faith, they tended to connect talk about it under the . . . Continue reading →

What The Reformed Can Learn From A 1532 Synod: Free Justification Leads To Free Sanctification

The Reformed theology, piety, and practice is about as old as the Reformation itself. Scholars often describe the Reformation as if it were the child of the second phase of the Reformation. This is because when they think of the Reformed Reformation, . . . Continue reading →