Heidelcast For July 2, 2023: Sin, Salvation, & Service: The Threefold Truth Of Romans (25)–Updated

In this episode Dr Clark picks up with Romans 7:4, where Paul is explaining our new relation, in Christ, to the covenant of works and then turns to the problem of the Christian’s experience in sanctification. For more on these see the resources in the show notes. The opening audio features Jimmy Stewart from The Six Shooter radio program.

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The HRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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  1. Commented months ago about how the Heidelcast no longer shows up on the Google Podcast app.

    It’s a shame that was never worked out.

    I’ve fallen off from keeping up with this, (same for my dad, who had started listening after iI told him about it) as listening via the website while at work is less convenient since it lacks the features of a podcast app.

    • Eric,

      I promise that the Heidelcast is on Google podcasts. I’m looking at it right now. I get a weekly report from Google podcasts that tells me that people are listening. I can see the latest episode.

      It’s possible that you’re subscribed to an old or incorrect feed. Unsubscribe and subscribe again at the link provided.


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