Heidelcast For July 16, 2023: It’s A Q&A Palooza!

It’s 90 minutes of calls, texts, emails, comments, and questions. Did the Reformed (e.g., Calvin) hold to a continuationist view of the gifts? Did the Reformed hold to common grace and the free offer of the gospel etc? How do we read Old Testament prophecies (in light of the New Testament)? Has the church always taught the inerrancy of Scripture? Are we running short of ministers? Why did the Reformed churches rid their churches of instruments and why? Do the Eastern Orthodox churches really represent the unbroken succession of the apostolic church? What does Dr Clark make of Dr Meredith Kline’s theology? Can we pray to the Trinity as such? Is Pilgrim Theology part of the Reformed tradition? The opening audio is from John Fesko’s remarks at the most recent national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society.

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The HRA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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