Jon Payne: How Can An Ordained Officer Be Above Reproach If He Maintains A Settled, Gay Identity?

The Bible teaches that ordained officers in Christ’s church must be above reproach and Christlike in character.

But how can an ordained officer be above reproach and Christlike in character if he maintains a settled gay, though celibate, identity? Is it really possible to be Christlike while at the same time holding onto, and not utterly renouncing and forsaking, one’s sinful identity? Is there a sinful identity that an ordained elder or deacon can maintain, while also being Christlike in character? These are important questions for the PCA. Overture 23, in accord with Scripture and our Reformed Confession, provides guidance. Read more»

Jon Payne | “Recommending Overtures 23 and 37” | December 16, 2021


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