Santa Ana Reformed: New URCNA Congregation To Be Planted in Orange County California

From Peter Bell, an intern at Oceanside URC: We are planting a Reformed Church (URCNA) in Santa Ana, the city seat of Orange County. We are beginning the informational sessions and Bible studies near the end of October, with a goal (Lord willing) of starting services in the summer of 2022.

This work is being supervised by Oceanside URC and Rev. Danny Hyde, using some of his materials to introduce those interested to the distinctive theology, piety, and practice of the Reformed Church. Our central aims are the preaching of the gospel, the Law-Gospel distinction, Christ-centeredness of all the Scriptures, the simple means of grace (Preaching, Sacraments, Church Discipline), and weekly fellowship. We want this to be inviting to those who have already found the Reformed faith, those looking, and those who do not yet believe.

Come and join us! You can contact Oceanside URC and Pastor Danny at: pastor at or you can contact me (Peter Bell) at santaanareformed at



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