When Church Planting Doesn’t Go According To Plan

I think many church planters overestimate what can be done in two years and underestimate what can be done in ten years. We overemphasise the need for rapid numerical growth and underemphasise the wisdom of building slowly and faithfully. I remember preaching to five people for many Sundays in our early days. As discouraging as this can be, we need to remember that God is calling sinners to repentance and faith in Christ, sanctifying saints by the power of the Holy Spirit, and building his church every single time that his word is faithfully preached—even if it’s only to five people.

Church planter, I urge you to persevere. Hang in there! Carry on plodding on, and faithfully preach the gospel. Even if it takes many years, God is faithful in gathering his elect and building up his Church through his ordained means.

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Antonio Coppola | “When Church Planting Doesn’t Go According To Plan” | March 19, 2024


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  • Antonio Coppola
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    Rev. Antonio Coppola (M.Div. Westminster Seminary California) is the pastor of Covenant Waterfall Presbyterian Church in Durban, South Africa. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian and Reformed Church of South Africa. He is also the manager of the Mukhanyo Durban Advanced Learning Centre.

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