Heidelcast 84: When Marriage Is Decoupled From Nature

With episode 84 we are taking a brief hiatus from our series on the moral law to talk with one of my favorite authors, Stella Morabito, about an article she published in The Federalist, “A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Vomitorium.” This is a striking essay worthy of your time and attention. Regular readers will recognize Stella’s name from the HB. She appears regularly in the Heidelquotes. She’s widely published (e.g., in The Federalist, The Washington Examiner, and The American Thinker). She’s been an intelligence analyst, studying aspects of Russian and Soviet politics including communist media and propaganda. She’s a parent, a former public school substitute teacher. She’s currently writing about political correctness. This episode deals with adult themes and is not intended for family listening.

The film version of Fifty Shades of Grey is out and it’s being pushed as a Valentine’s Day film to see with your significant other but Stella’s essay raises some important questions.

Here’s episode 84:

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  1. Very good article+podcast, Dr. Clark,

    Have you read any Allan Carlson?

    Was curious what you thought, if so.

    I just started reading his “The Natural Family Where It Belongs” essays. They’re excellent so far.

  2. Well, one of the big worries I have about homosexual marriage is that it will fling the door wide open to the Frank Lombards of the world and probably stimulate the commoditization of vulnerable children in lots of poor countries–and what prudent social worker will EVER in this cultural climate declare a couple of “loving” “gay” men unfit parents? Let’s never kid ourselves, but an inordinate amount of public life, whether for schools, government agencies, or whatnot is done to avoid lawsuit.

    My guess is that in 20 years or so, the passionate young lawyers now convincing the Nine in Washington off the importance of homosexual marriage will find lots of young men with sorry tales of growing up sexually abused, and sail off into comfortable retirement winning large settlements from suing every institution large and small that had a hand in making such a situation possible.

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