Godfrey On The Crusades

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  1. Barb and I just listened. Two things: A great summation of the Crusades. 2. Dr. Godfrey – a Reformed rock star.

  2. So one take-away is that culture wars do not yield tolerance of religions. Islam was a civilization. The Crusades represented a Christian version of the same — a culture and a government.

    So why engage in culture wars tuh-DAY?

    • Arguing over who and what is damaging the culture (and how to respond) is one thing. Defending basic human freedoms from Islamists is another. Isalmists murdered 21 coptic Christians today. That’s not a Kulturkampf. That’s just Kampf.

      • Ps. Are all “culture wars” a bad thing? Sure, they can be waged badly, thoughtlessly, e.g., on a triumphalist basis such as the Moral Majority arguably did. Is there no value, however, in pushing back against cultural erosion? For example, I’m grateful for the work of Stella Morabito and others who are pushing back against cultural rot.

        Christians are citizens in two realms. Just as we have obligations in the sacred we also have obligations in the common/secular realm. If the same arguments that were used to sell homosexual marriage are now being used to lay the groundwork for polyamory, bestiality etc is it not beneficial to speak up? We’re not quietists. As citizens of the secular/common realm we have an interest in decent common places for our families and children.

  3. So why engage in culture wars tuh-DAY?

    But aren’t “culture wars” about on par with being a “racistsexistbigothomophobeantisemiteconspiracynutcrusader” these days?

    A war on reality? That might be a different story.

    When marriage, gender, gravity, black, white, up, down . . . . are called into question; when for all practical purposes, the same are said to be relative in the New Post Modern World Order, is it really the better part of prudence that the righteous pretend not to notice?
    That the foundations are being destroyed?
    Or is it they are secondary issues, if not really adiaphora?

    Further while Constantinian Christendom had its problems, Islam is not 2k (boo), but true Christianity is (yay). If 2kers are to be believed.

    Or is that just the 2k version of taqiyya for the uninitiated?

    A kafir wants to know.

    • You use your exercise machine to show you VIDEOS??? Verily, verily, if the exercise machine hath lost its exercising wherewith shall they be exercised?

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