Heidelcast 55: Why We Can’t Move On (1)

There is a certain amount of pressure within the NAPARC world to “move on” from the Federal Vision. In the next three episodes we’re going to consider why that is and how Reformed folk, particularly ministers and elders (but laity too), should respond to that pressure. In this episode we review some of the more important aspects of the s0-called, self-named Federal Vision movement. In episodes 56 and 57 we’ll consider how we should think about some of those influential figures in the Reformed world that have announced their support for Federal Vision teaching and why some in the Reformed world are reluctant to speak up against the FV theology, piety, and practice.

Here’s episode 55:

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  1. Federal Vision theology……”still crazy after all these years.” ….and unfortunately still too influential within Reformed circles. FV is to theology what sexuality is to morals. That is to say much the same way homosexuality/ promiscuity has today become accepted morally, though it once was not. Likewise FV has been more accepted in Reformed circles as OK. I firmly believe that the ethos of the world(just like with sexual issues) has helped give FV the get out of jail free card in our times. Problem is the Church should be taking it’s que from the Bible, not Oprah or facebook. Although less than a decade ago it was rejected by all of the NAPARC denominations, I would very much agree now there is a certain….”yeah, yeah, but it’s no biggie, just move on” tone. It is extremely disturbing! You are right, the studied ambiguity by FV proponents also makes this complicated. I think it needs to be pointed out that often it will not go by the name federal vision but rather chooses lay person lingo…. “we need to be the gospel,” “we need to do gospel” , “social justice, “missional”, etc. etc. But in effect is the same thing. After all getting on board those trains will help keep you in the kingdom too and you can transform the world to boot. The trust in self is staggering. Again, very much in line with the spirit of the age. I can’t even get my hair cut nowadays without my barber wanting to be my life coach and telling me how to better myself and transform the world into a better place. This audio episode gives some updates on where this issue stands and also a good refresher description of what FV is. I look forward to the next two. Thanks Dr. Clark!

  2. I have heard it said repeatedly, “one size does not fit all.” But in truth one label does (granted more or less) encapsulate all. Many FV folk hate the FV tag, but it always seem to come down to “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then….” Thank you, Dr. Clark, for being vigilant in fighting the good fight. Many in this present day inclusive Calvinism want you to put down the duck call and give it a rest. Your tenacity for defending the true gospel is admirable.

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