A Westminster Divine on the Threefold Distinction in the Law

“First, concerning the law of God, you know there are some of them: 1. Ceremonial, which consisted in Rights, and Ordinances, and Shadows, typifying Jesus Christ in his sufferings, unto which there was a full period put by the death of Christ. . . . Continue reading →

The End Of Sacrifices And Ceremonies (UPDATED)

Throughout its history the church considered as organism, i.e., its people, has often been tempted to go back to Egypt, as it were. We have often been tempted to look back to where we were in redemptive history rather than appreciating where . . . Continue reading →

New Resource Page: On The Threefold Division Of The Law

The early Christian theologians implicitly distinguished within the 613 Mosaic Commandments (as the rabbis numbered them) between the judicial, ceremonial, and moral law. The moral law refers to the natural law, the law issued in creation and symbolized by the commandment not . . . Continue reading →