Free Audio: Horton and Godfrey on the "Last Days"

Thanks to pastor Christopher Gordon of Lynden URC for posting these lectures by my colleagues at Westminster Seminary California. Update 25 Dec 2008 The format for the files has been been converted to MP3. #1: Dr. W. Robert Godfrey When Will These . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours: What the Bible Actually Says About the End Times

In this episode Office Hours talks with Dr Kim Riddlebarger, author of The Man of Sin: Uncovering the Truth About the Antichrist and about how to read Scripture the way God intends for it to be read. Kim is pastor of Christ . . . Continue reading →

Will Christians Be Taken In A Secret Rapture?

As a young and newly converted evangelical, I was quickly introduced to the evangelical pop sub-culture that included Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). In 1969 the famous CCM artist Larry Norman released “I Wish We’d All Been Ready.” …The premise of the song . . . Continue reading →

The Selective Memory Of Apocalyptic Chatter

As I have recounted on other occasions, I grew up with my younger brother and our mother and grandmother in Pomona, California, attending mostly Baptist churches where it wasn’t unusual to hear conversations after the service about the founding of the State . . . Continue reading →

Berkhof: Objections To Postmillennialism

Objections to Postmillennialism. There are some very serious objections to the Postmillennial theory. a. The fundamental idea of the doctrine, that the whole world will gradually be won for Christ, that the life of all nations will in course of time be . . . Continue reading →

“Tribulation” And The Lord’s Return

I am often asked whether or not the “tribulation” is a seven year period which immediately precedes the second coming of Jesus Christ, or is it the entire period of time between Christ’s first and second advent, the so-called “great tribulation?” This . . . Continue reading →