The Selective Memory Of Apocalyptic Chatter

As I have recounted on other occasions, I grew up with my younger brother and our mother and grandmother in Pomona, California, attending mostly Baptist churches where it wasn’t unusual to hear conversations after the service about the founding of the State of Israel in relation to the End Times, incongruously mixed with everyday subjects (planned family trips, etc.). I came to the conclusion, which I couldn’t have explicitly formulated until I was older, that the End Times chatter wasn’t to be taken too seriously. Today I often encounter a different sort of apocalyptic chatter, having to do with the fate of the Church going forward in “our society.” Does it merit more serious consideration? Hard to say, but I’m struck by the radically truncated and highly selective historical memory that seems to characterize so many accounts of our current situation. Read more»

John Wilson | “The Antidote to Apocalyptic Thinking” | June 7, 2022


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  1. Dunno. It’s true, Nineveh repented in which there were more than sixscore persons who could not tell their left hand from their right. Today we got way more than that who can’t tell a man from a woman with drag queen story hour to boot.
    But I wouldn’t want to kick back and say no big deal. That’s not what Jonah did, even if he needed a kick in the pants of sorts to do his duty before the Lord.

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