Heidelcast 127: I Am That I Am (5)—The Trinity

There strong indications in the Hebrew Scriptures that the God of the Bible is not only personal, but that he is multi-personal. In Genesis 1:1, Scripture says that Elohim (God) created the heavens and the earth. In the very next verse, however, another character, if you will, is introduced into the story, also with creative power. God’s Word says the “Spirit (Ruach) of God was hovering over the waters.” Here, “Spirit” is more than merely figurative language or a synonym for “God,” because it elaborates how Elohim was creating. For these reasons, The New International and the English Standard versions quite rightly capitalize the “S” in Spirit to indicate that a divine person distinct from Elohim was at work in the act of creation. In this episode we will also consider some instances where the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are active not only in creation but also in redemption in the history of redemption before the New Testament. We begin this episode, however, by answering some questions from Chris in Rhode Island about the relationship between the divine unity and the unity of the covenant of grace.

Here is episode 127:

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  1. The HB Library on The Trinity
  2. The Athanasian Creed
  3. The Ecumenical Creeds
  4. The Problem of Biblicism
  5. Ursinus on Essence and Persons in the Trinity
  6. A Response to Grudem’s Appeal to Hodge On Subordination
  7. Liam Golligher Brings Clarity On The Trinity
  8. How To Be Complementarian Without Being A Heretic
  9. One God, Three Persons. Full Stop.
  10. The Mystery and Necessity of the Trinity
  11. The Christian Faith Is Trinitarian
  12. Athanasius on Eternal Generation
  13. Driscoll vs the Ecumenical Creeds
  14. Muller: The Reformed Affirmed Eternal Generation Against The Socinians
  15. Why Analogies and Illustrations of the Trinity Fail

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  1. Hey, I know that Chris Shoemaker guy from Rhode Island! Good questions, Chris – and thanks for your edifying answers, Dr. Clark.

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