Heidelcast 8: The Secret of Knowing God’s Will (1)

An HB Classic

The single most pressing question I hear is: “How can I know God’s will?” Prospective seminary students want to know whether they should attend seminary. Couples want to know whether they should get married. Ministers want to know whether to take a call. The problem of knowing God’s will plagued my Christian life for years. Who knows how many books have been written (and that will be written) to try to answer this question? The good news is that the secret of knowing God’s will is right in front of us.

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  1. Nice one, R.S..

    When I heard you explain the PMV, I thought of this, “The devil can come all dressed up as an angel of light.”

    So many Christians have it all backwards. They believe that where they have NO freedom, they have it (choosing God, etc.)…and where God has given them freedom, they are asking God where they ought work, who they should marry, what kind of car to buy and what color socks to wear.

    We pray, step out in faith, and trust that God is in it all, for His purposes.

    Thank you, R.S..

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