Heidelcast 1: BBQ And The Kingdom Of God

I’ve spent part of the Christmas vacation lightly editing and re-posting the old Heidelcast episodes. So, I thought I would re-post them here one at a time. It’s been interesting to listen to them develop. Don’t judge the whole series on the first episode. In later episodes I added music, sound effects, and guests.

There’s a little confusion because apparently I had a really difficult time keeping straight the episode numbers. Whatever the audio says I think the numbering in the archive is correct. I tried to fix the episode numbers in some of them (without going to the studio) and it didn’t work well so I gave up.

So here, without further ado, is episode #1:

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  1. Nice work, Dr. Clark.

    You properly laid out the priorities and function a ‘church’, and how this can easily be muddled and distorted by us when we deviate from those priorities and functions.

    Thank you.

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