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Clothed in the Covenant of Grace: Caspar Olevianus on the External Administration of the Covenant of Grace (ETS, 2014) (Outline)

By Grace Alone, in Christ Alone, Through Faith Alone (November 1, 2014)

Audio From Zion URC 2012

  1. Session 1: Is the Reformation Over? Yes.
  2. Session 2: Is the Reformation Over? No.
  3. Session 3: What’s Wrong with Jesus?
  4. Session 4: Q & A

2010 Cheyenne Reformation Conference

  1. The Evangelical Crisis
  2. The Joy Of Being Reformed
  3. The Pattern of Being Reformed

Why the Mission Needs the Marks (of the Church)

Audio from the Gospel-Driven Life Conference: Recovering the Reformed Confession.

Audio from the Recovering the Reformed Confession conference at Westminster RPCNA in October, 2006.

  1. Lost in America: The Quest for Illegitimate Religious Certainty
  2. Lost in America (pt 2): The Quest for Illegitimate Religious Experience
  3. It’s a Wonderful Life: The Joy of Being Confessional
  4. High Noon: The RPW Rides Again
  5. The Big Night: Whatever Happened to the Second Service?

Recovering the Reformed Confession conference.



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