Does Jesus Love Sinners In The Mountains, On The Plains, and In the Hollers?

The Mission to the Middle

On Tuesday of this week, HRA board member, PCA ruling elder, and co-host of the Presbycast, Brad Isbell published an important essay, which called attention to the lack of attention paid, in the confessional Presbyterian and Reformed world, to the forgotten middle of America, that land full of “deplorables,” lost jobs, and Christless Christianity. That is hyperbole, of course, but there is truth in it and he was on the Presbycast last night to talk about the problem and the Mission to the Middle for Christ, his gospel, and his church (to borrow a phrase). In this episode he joined Chris Drew, Dennis Bills, Derrick Brite, Charles Stover, Brad, and co-host Wresbyterian to tackle these issues.

If you would rather watch a bunch of guys in flannel (Dr Clark’s cammo-themed Nebraska hat is special) you can do so here:

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