Christian Nationalism Might Be Cosplay: The Babylon Bee Interview

Note: There is a second-commandment violation at 34 minutes and 27 seconds into the video. It lasts for 7 seconds or so.


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  1. Great interview. This is important work. Hope you continue to receive offers for interviews and demonstrate a sound pattern of thinking re: this present age.

  2. Very much enjoyed this interview, although not a huge BBee fan overall.
    Agree with Paul…hope you do more of these sorts of thing.

  3. What I found amusing was that when you were talking about apostolic fathers, they put a picture of the Reformers! Perhaps they too need your class!

  4. Hello Scott,

    Enjoyed the interview very much. I have comments/observations/questions to raise regarding the Founders, an appeal to “natural law”, and the point of convergence by which we can have dialogue with unbelievers, etc., but I suppose the place to do this is on your natural law post of a couple days ago. FWIW, I hope you are provided with many more opportunities to speak to a wider public, ongoing. It’s hard to imagine the stakes being much higher—

      • Hi Bob—
        The West is teetering on a razor’s edge, with a desperately uninformed, uncritical visible church in tow. There is a historical idea of “a voice of prophetic concern”, and I see a role for natural law in this. Sproul argued for it, too, and I think saw it as part and parcel of his “classical” apologetics method. It definitely is a viable and orthodox way to engage the wider culture, and if it is in the position of needing to be “recovered”, then it follows that it’s absence has produced some dire straits—

    • Greg: If we serve a sovereign Lord, I don’t see where “stakes” or other gambling analogies apply unless our faith is in human endeavor.

      • Bob,

        It’s simply a common figure of speech which underscores or conveys urgency to the majority of humanity. If you’d like me to include a disclaimer which upholds the decretive will of God, then fine, I’m happy to do it—

  5. @ 26:00, “Ken Ham and a fake ark in Kentucky, or wherever it is.”

    Read the remarks in context, and decide for yourself if my following remarks are unwarranted:

    This is mocking, sneering, and insulting. You should be ashamed.

    • Frank,

      Ken Ham’s theories are not holy Scripture and the his “ark” is not God’s or Noah’s. You have helped to underscore the very point I was trying to make, that too many Christians do not think about creation as a category. Mockery? It would be had God built an amusement park but he didn’t. He built the actual ark, by which he actually saved Noah and his covenant family (& the church!), which points us to Christ. That cannot be said of Ham’s enterprise.

      This is America and Ham is welcome to do as he will but no one is morally obligated to take it seriously.

  6. I agree Frank that was a rough moment, however, when you are placed in that type of arena–forum, it will be more difficult for the eye to ‘remain on Jehovah’ (Ps 25.15). And who of us have not been guilty of the same?
    Wilhelmus a’ Brakel’s has an amazing and practical view on humility; and after reading it through the years, I am more and more convinced of the presence and effect of Adam’s sin and our nature. a’ Brakel begins of course with the gospel, how Christ humbled himself to save the ungodly. But then to us (p. 68). “Due to self-knowledge, he knows that there is neither excellence nor anything desirable to be found in him. In his own eyes he is a great nothing, and he views himself as such. . . . He is able to end in humility when he has done something, and with that humility he can suffer and endure that which the Lord causes to come his way, either without or by the instrumentality of men–it is all well with him.”
    It’s worth the short read Frank but beware it will hurt.
    The Christian’s Reasonable Service – Wilhelmus a’ Brakel Volume 4 – pages 67-77

  7. Wrangler Jeans, Caiman Belly Boots, Belt Buckle and if I had to wager (nod to Jeff), I’d say RSC stands just about 6’4”.

    Next time show us the hat!


  8. 22min mark = mic drop !

    RSC, you should make that the starting point and watch the masses fall in line…..

    Insanity has gone mainstream – with a big assist from a seductive propaganda machine. It’s not organic. A little unity can go a long way here. Nationalism is a distraction.

    You needn’t make nationalism the story here. I think that was what one of the hosts was trying to convey to you. You are fighting on the wrong front. Don’t worry about the nationalists. You, Trueman, Hart, Horton, VanDrunen, etc. should take on academia.

    I’m not looking to give nationalism cover. But like you said, it’s cosplay. God willing, maybe you can take on something greater (and continue to set the record straight on what Christianity is not).

    Just a thought. I’m fine on the fringes. But if you could help make life a little more tolerable for the kids. I would think that’s a respectable, secondary motivation.

    I hate bullies too…. And I’m not sure what cosplay is? I was half listening at certain points. Godspeed!

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