Clothed In The Covenant Of Grace (2)

Here is the recording of yesterday’s paper delivered to the Reformation Studies section at ETS. There are a few glitches in the audio:

Below is the handout for the talk.



  • Olevianus the Churchman
  • Olevianus as contributor to the catechism
  • As a Covenant Theologian
  • His Setting & Opponents
  • Thesis: The external administration of the covenant of grace in the visible, institutional church, through the means of grace and discipline, was essential to Olevianus’ covenant theology.
  1. Administration And Substance
    1. Definition of Administration
    2. Necessary
    3. Inseparable
    4. Distinct
  2. Administration of The Covenant As Administration Of the Kingdom
    1. Kingdom & Covenant
    2. Kingdom & Visible Church
    3. Covenant & Visible Church
  3. Administration And Means
    1. Definition of Medium
    2. Necessity of Means
    3. Reality of Means
    4. Limits of Means


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