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The question of how Christians should relate Christ (i.e., their allegiance to Christ and the Christian faith) to culture is perhaps the most pressing challenge facing the Christians individually and the institutional, visible church. A subset of this question touches on how Christians individually and the visible church should relate to politics. There are corollaries to these questions too: how does nature relate to grace and the sacred to the secular? To make things even more challenging, we are thinking about these issues in the wake of the collapse of Christendom, broadly considered as that order in which Christians had a privileged place in the West. In order to address these questions well we need first to recover some lost categories, e.g., nature/grace, sacred/secular. How might Calvin’s language of a “twofold kingdom” help us address these issues? These are some of the topics we discussed in this episode of Back to the Reformation. Here is the episode on the BTTR site.


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  1. Very timely discussion, especially as to the loss and recovery of categories, the Christian and politics, and the current experience of evangelicals in post-Christendom and the connection to the Theo-Recon movement. The historical discussion is invaluable to understanding the evolution and appeal of the current Muscovite movement, et al.. I am grateful for pastors who physically or metaphorically “don the Geneva robe” when standing behind the pulpit.” If we are grounded in the confessions, we can counter the confusion of our times, and avoid the QIRC of the Kirk.

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