With Presbycast On Revival, Revivalism, And What Does “Evangelical” Mean?

The Presbycast (Brad “Chortles Weakly” Isbell and Wresbyterian) put up the bat signal yesterday so I filled in for the redoutable Chris Drew. There was some confusion over the number of episodes in which I have appeared. The correct number is 25. You can find all of them on the Heidelmedia page. In the latest episode there was bad bumper music (a Presbycast staple) and Machen horns and cowbells abounded. Along the way we also discussed the history of the word evangelical, the evangelical movement, the relation of the evangelical movement to revival and revivalism, and how these movements continue to influence Reformed theology, piety, and practice today. Don’t forget to check out the HB resources below for more on these topics.

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I’m still not sure why people want to watch radio but in case you do:


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  1. People watch the radio because thumbnail pic is a near perfect meme.

    I’ve gotten to the point that I never say, “We need another revival.” I hear it in almost every public prayer. I get the sentiment and they mean well, but I never hear people pray for a revival of the means of grace.

  2. Hey, Dr. Clark! Watched the episode last night. As always, good stuff!!


    • I know! But I always look forward to it
      Makes me giggle. And sometimes, I find myself singing it later on!

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