Review: D. G. Hart, Still Protesting

After all, the lure of Romanism seems stronger than ever. For those concerned about the late-modern cultural crisis Rome seems to offer not only a stability in the midst of chaos but Romanists are now the leading edge of cultural resistance to the sexual revolution represented by Roe v Wade (and Doe v Bolton; 1973), which has resulted so far in 50–60 million abortions and counting and by Obergefell v Hodges (2015), which revolutionized the definition of marriage in the US. Romanists now dominate the U.S. Supreme Court. It seems that trend will continue. The intellectual leadership of the conservative counter culture is dominated by Romanists. The mainline Protestant institutions long ago gave up their confessional theological heritage and with it, ironically, their influence in the culture. Continue reading →

Happy Reformation Day! On Sale For $5.00 Until Monday: Still Protesting

RHB is selling D. G. Hart, Still Protesting for $5.00 until Monday. That’s a discount of $13.00. See the resources below for a review and an interview with Darryl about this volume. See the resources below for a cornucopia of other resources . . . Continue reading →