And Now for the Rest of the Story

CT Online has a piece today touting the virtues of online seminary education. I expected there to be, somewhere in the story, someone to present the other side opposing online seminary education but I didn’t see it. Perhaps I missed it? In . . . Continue reading →

Resources for Those Thinking About Seminary

Prospective seminary students frequently ask whether it’s advisable to try to save money by getting a degree by distance or by attending a non-accredited school. Here’s a resource page: Why Pastors Need A Seminary Education And Now for the Rest of the . . . Continue reading →

What Is A Seminary?

The question arose on a discussion board  as to how a theological seminary relates to C. S. Lewis’ distinction between “education” and “vocational training.” The premise of the question was that one had to choose between the two, relative to a university I . . . Continue reading →

How Not to Train Pastors (Part 1)

I wrote this near the very beginning of the Heidelblog in 2007. As high-speed internet service was becoming more widespread, online education was beginning to catch on and many seminaries were beginning to adopt it. The world has changed since then. The . . . Continue reading →

How Not To Train Pastors (Part 3)

I wrote this and “How Not To Train Pastors (Part 1)” and “How Not To Train Pastors (Part 2)” near the very beginning of the Heidelblog in 2007. This portion of the essay began as a response to a correspondent on the . . . Continue reading →