About Sebastian Heck

The Rev. Mr. Sebastian Heck (MDiv, PhD cand. Westminster Theological Seminary) is pastor and founder of the Selbständige Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirche Heidelberg.

Reformation2Germany: The Thirty-Year Plan

What do you associate with Germany when you think about it—if you do? What do you associate with our history, specifically as a Christian? The Reformation? Martin Luther, perhaps? Or the Heidelberg Catechism? Surely, with such a history, Germany would be the . . . Continue reading →

How You Can Help Return The Reformed Faith To Germany

Editor’s Note: The Reformed confession has German roots. Heidelberg, the capitol of the Palatinate was one of the most important centers of the Reformed movement in the sixteenth century. It was the Reformed Church in the Palatinate that gave us our Heidelberg . . . Continue reading →