Heidelcast 132: I Am That I Am (9): The Attributes Of God

In this episode we turn our attention from the doctrine of the Trinity to the divine attributes. Of course, in God, there are not attributes since God is what he is. Francis Turretin called the attributes “the essential properties by which [God] makes himself known to us…by which he is distinguished from creatures.” That is, they are those things which make God who he is. To say that God has attributes also means that there is a real foundation in the divine essence for his attributes revealed Scripture. They are not just modes of revelation or illusions or ways of talking with no basis in reality. Charles Hodge said that the divine substance and attributes are inseparable. The one is known in the other. The divine attributes are inseparable from the divine essence (they are not accidental), nor are they “parts” of God. He has no “parts or passions.” Every distinct attribute is what God is. E.g., he is entirely sovereign and entirely just. His sovereignty is just and his justice is sovereign. There is nothing in God which is not God himself. Here is the episode:

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Heidelcast Series: I Am That I Am

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