Heidelcast 101: Presbytopia

What’s the big deal about being Presbyterian or Reformed? After all, isn’t it enough to love Jesus? Honestly, no. Of course you should love Jesus but then what? If someone else personally paid for all your legal offenses out of his own pocket, at the cost of his own life, and also gave you a million dollars that you didn’t earn. You would say, “now what?” That’s a really important question and how you answer it will shape your life to come. The same is true with the Christian faith and the Christian life. Believers have been given freely a great treasure of God’s free favor in Christ but what now? Where do we spend it? How? With whom? Ken Golden is pastor of Sovereign Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Davenport IA and he’s published a new book to answer these very questions: Presbytopia: What It Means To Be Presbyterian and in it he makes the case that God has given us faith, a piety, and a practice, a way to live out that faith with other Christians. Ken is a 2005 graduate of Westminster Seminary California and he and his wife Cressid have an amazing testimony to God’s grace.

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  1. “What’s the big deal about being Presbyterian and Reformed?”

    Do they have the faith that Christ has given, through the Holy Spirit, making his Church one, holy, catholic, and apostolic? – That is the question. The 16th century Reformers would asked the same.

  2. Excellent broadcast! I can’t wait to read Pastor Golden’s book “Presbytopia.” I think it’s something both pastors and lay people like me can benefit from. Thanks for this interview.

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