Heidelcast 9: The Secret of Knowing God’s Will (Pt 2)

An HB Classic

According to Deuteronomy 29:29 believers are to trust in, rely upon, listen to, and obey that which God has revealed rather than seeking what God has not revealed. In the history of redemptive history the practice of seeking God’s will where he has not revealed it is considered idolatry. Perhaps the classic example of this, in Scripture, is the case of Saul and the witch (ESV: “medium”) at Endor (1Sam 28:7). They both knew it was wrong and even criminal, under Israelite civil law. Ironically, this consultation was completely unnecessary. Saul’s first sin, in this instance, was that he did not obey the explicit revelation from God (1Sam 28:18). Like Saul, many of us have turned away from the explicit revelation of God and of his moral will in Scripture in favor of alternative sources of guidance. Listen here:

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  1. Isn’t it funny that the areas where we don’t have free-will, people latch onto (it) for their own…choosing God, etc. …and where we have it, with decisions about our own lives, people are constantly trying to put all of that onto God.

    Funny (odd).

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