Westminster Weekend: What's Happening in the Church?

The generous folks at Lynden URC (Lynden, WA) broadcast a daily radio show, Abounding Grace Monday-Fri at 8:30AM, on 55 KARI AM in Blaine, WA share their friday program with us at Westminster Seminary California. We call it Westminster Weekend. Yesterday we . . . Continue reading →

How Large Should A Congregation Be?

A faithful HB reader wrote to ask about a good problem. His confessional Reformed congregation is growing. The question is how to proceed? Should the congregation expand the building or seek to establish new daughter congregations? Below is my reply. § It . . . Continue reading →

New Evangelism And The Megachurch

100 years ago to this very day, something important happened that dramatically changed what people have come to expect from church here in America and around the world. On January 1st, 1923, Aimee Semple McPherson opened the doors of Angelus Temple in . . . Continue reading →